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            It is Marian Wright Edelman, the American activist for the rights of children and the founder of the Children’s Defence Fund (CDF) who said that “education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” She has been ameliorating the living standard of the under-privileged Americans for decades by emphasising on the inevitability of education of the marginalised children of her society. Polishing the quality of education among the already educated ones leaves nothing much to feel proud or boast about while educating the have-nots and under-privileged sections of the country succours in nation building.

            I strongly feel that Edelman’s words are absolutely true when it comes to what we have been doing in B.B. Nagar for two decades. We found the village children of the vast land, situated amidst the sugar-cane fields, engrossing in physical fitness and fixating their career either as army-personnel or farmers. They were students who lacked proper career guidance and care in order to think above and ahead these binaries. It was at this juncture that Delhi City School came into existence in B.B. Nagar.

            Very since the inception of the school, we have been aiming to improve the current backwardness in education in B.B. Nagar block of Bulandshahr district of National Capital Region (NCR). As the one and only premier English medium school in the block with CBSE affiliation up to XII, we mould the destiny of the children of the village through day-scholar and day-boarding sessions. It is my privilege to be a part of this academic endeavour that could reshape the history and move aside the hindrances of the village, to development and Enlightenment. 

            Our assiduous training for Sainik School, NDA, CDS, IIT-JEE, Medical & Civil Services (IAS&IPS), live-satellite teaching over the years, have strengthened our belief that we are on the right path, leading to the establishment of A/C and non A/C hostels in the campus. Our experienced faculties from Kerala and Delhi and facilities I mentioned above are not matters of wonder to many, I am pretty sure of it. This is where I accentuate the fact that our school is located at an educationally backward society which now is on the run to be one of the top-most centres of knowledge-acquisition with civilized discourses and various programmes of arts and sports that unleash the potentials of our students, all set to invite admission from students all over the nation and the world.

            William Ralph Inge had said, “the aim of education is the knowledge not of facts but of values.” At the moment I write this, I could hear even the breeze of the field around the school singing the tale of our academic triumph in the village and that leaves me gratified to all those have been sincerely assisting us to shape the future of my students who otherwise hardly could have learned and achieved what they are and what they possess at present.