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Scholar Trust
Criteria Awards
To motivate and encourage its children, the school honours them by awarding academic prizes. Merit Certificates, Scholar Badges, Gowns and Medals. 

1. Criteria for the award of Proficiency Certificates (Class I to III): 
Students securing highest grade in all subjects (excluding Art, Music and Physical Education) will be awarded "Certificate of Proficiency" upto Class III and Merit Certificates in studies will be awarded to the students getting highest marks in both the sections subject wise. 

2. Criteria for the awards of a Scholar Badge from class IV to Class XI.
A child will get 10 points for A1 in each subject, 9 points for A2, 8 Points for B1grade. On the aggregate of these points, the best 10% students in all the sections of a class taken together, will be awarded a Scholar Badge. All the subjects (excluding Art and Craft, Music, EVS and Physical Education) will be given weightage for the award of a Scholar's Badge. For class VI to IX, Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be collectively taken as Integrated Science and Social Studies will include History/Civics, Geography & Economics. 
A student shall not be awarded the Scholar Badge if he remains absent in any of the tests/exams. 

3. Scholar Gown :
It is awarded to the students declared Scholar Badge holders for three consecutive years. 

4. Scholar Gold Medal
It is awarded to the student/students declared Scholar Badge holder for six consecutive years, starting from class V.A student, declared Scholar's Gold Medal holder, will be awarded the same only if he/she continues to be the student of the school till the end of class XII. 

5. Cups/Trophies
Rolling trophies are awarded to the Best Houses for achievements in various school activities : 
a. Academics 
b. Co-curricular Activities 
c. Discipline 
d. Games and Sports 
e. Over All Performance (Best House) 

6. Individual Merit Certificate 
These are awarded to the students on the year's report as also for excelling in various cultural and literary activities/ competitions held round the year. 

7. Merit Certificate of S.U.P.W. (Class IX onwards) 
These are awarded to the students who are best in S.U.P.W. on the basis of year's report of class IX onwards and Board Exam's result for class X and XII. 

8. Cup for Best Student in S.U.P.W.
(Classes IX to XII taken together) 

9. A student shall have no claim on any award if he/she has been issued with any of the punishment cards, during his/her studentship in the school.