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Q1. Sum of two integers is 197. If one of the integers is 57, find the other integers.

Q2. Verify a-(-b)=a+b for the following values of a and b.   a= 27 and b=15

Q3. Subtract -48 from the sum of -34 and -49.

Q4. In a quiz , Bhaskar scored 60,20 and 10 and Krishna scored 20, 35, 48 in three successive rounds. Who scored more?

Q5. In a class test containing 20 questions, 5 marks are awarded for every correct answer,(-2) marks are awarded for every incorrect answer and 0 marks for not attempted.

  1. Mohan gets 14 correct and 6 incorrect answers. What is score?
  2. Heena gets 12 correct and 8 incorrect answers. What is her score?

      Q6.Evauate: a) 13 × (-2) × 3                                     b) (-576) ÷ (-4)

      Q7. Find the area of a rectangular playground with length    and breadth

      Q8. Expanded form: a) 123.856                   b) 504.37

      Q9. What should be subtracted from 18.42 to get 11.98?

     Q10. Evaluate the following: a) 3.14 × 1.6                   b) 4.75 × 7.49

     Q11. A motor bike goes 67.33 km in 1 litre of petrol. What distance would the bike go in 3.25 litre of petrol?

     Q12. Express each of the following statements as an equation.

  1. 13 subtracted from twice of a number gives 3.
  2. Mohan is 5 years older than Sohan. The sum of their ages is 45 years.

     Q13. Solve the following: 

  1. 4x + 5 = 17                                   b) 2+3(m-7) = 15

Q14. Check the given values are the solutions to the respective equations.











          Q15. Solve

  1.                              b)



      1. Rewrite and state whether true or false:
     (a) We do not find inscriptions for the period after 700.
     (b) The Marathas asserted their political importance during this period.

     (c) Forest-dwellers were sometimes pushed out of their lands with the spread of agricultural settlements.
     (d) Sultan GhiyasuddinBalban controlled Assam, Manipur and Kashmir.

    2. What were some of the major religious developments during this period?

       3. How do historians divide the past into periods? Do they face any problems in doing so?

       4. Who was considered a ‘foreigner’ in the past?

       5. List some of the technological changes associated with this period.




  1. In a democracy why is universal adult franchise important?
  2. In what ways was OmprakashValmiki’s experience similar to that of the Ansaris?
  3. What do you understand by the term ‘all persons are equal before the law’? Why do you think it is  important in a democracy?
  4. What is Civil Rights’ Movement?
  5. What is meant by the term ‘all persons are equal before the Law?



  1. Draw the representational diagram of Components of the environment?
  2. Draw the representational diagram of Domains of the environment.
  3. What is biosphere?
  4. What is lithosphere?
  5. What is hydrosphere?
  6. What is meant by ecosystem?
  7. What is atmosphere?
  8. What are the major components of the environment?              


                                                                 GEOGRAPHY (CH-2)


  1. What are the three layers of the earth?
  2. How are extrusive and intrusive rocks formed?
  3. What do you mean by a rock cycle?
  4. What are metamorphic rocks?



  1. Give reasons.
    (i) We cannot go to the centre of the earth.

(ii) Sedimentary rocks are formed from sediments.
(iii) Limestone is changed into marble

  1. Write about the following topics in about 30 words.
  1. Igneous rock
  2. Sedimentary rock
  1. Draw the picture of the rock cycle below here and label it properly.


  1. You are Mohini /Mohan, the president of the Art and Culture Society of your school. Your school is organising a group Dance Competition on the occasion of the Hariyali Teej. Write a notice for the school notice board in not more than 50 words, informing the students and urging them to participate in the same and giving all the necessary details.
  2. Write a paragraph on ‘Role of a Mother for a child’.
  3. Write an essay of the following topics:

World Englishes


Vision of India-2030

  1. Design a Poster making presentation on wild life of animals in forest.
  2. Write a letter to the editor expressing his/her concern at the cruelty against animals, people’s attitude to them and how this menace can be checked.
  3. Write all tenses with examples.
  4. Write antonyms of the following:

Abolish, ample, benevolent, docile, ebb, fierce, garrulous, haphazard, hostile, introvert, lament, mare, opaque, philanthropist, pauper, pragmatic, repress, voluntary, vivacious

  1. Write synonyms of the following:

Antagonism, audacious, adieu, cajole, despondency, desolate, gothic, gruesome, gusto, repulsive, stubborn, heterogeneous, mediocre, multifarious

  1. Change into passive voice:

(a)This jug contains milk. (b) I knew you. (c) Who teaches you English? (d) Someone has stolen my watch. (e) Don’t do it. (f) People celebrate Diwali all over India. (g) I will oblige you. (h) People say that honesty is the best policy. (i) Let him do it.

  1. Write a summary of Unit-2 from literature your own language.


Q1. Name a plant that has both autotrophic as well as heterotrophic mode of nutrition.

Q2. Name the green pigment that helps the leaves to capture sunlight.

Q3. What is a lichen?

Q4. Write the chemical equation representing the process of photosynthesis.

Q5. How are nutrients replenished in the soil?



Q6. How would you test the presence of starch in leaves?

Q7. What is Autotrophic nutrition? Give an example of autotrophs.

Q8. Why do organisms need to take food?

Q9. What are nutrients?

Q10. What is the difference between parasites and saprotrophs? Give an example for each.

Q11. Define the process of photosynthesis.

Q12. Draw the diagram of:

(a) Stomata                                     (b) Schematic diagram showing photosynthesis

Q13. Why are leaves called the food factories of plants? Explain.

Q14. What is the use of the kink in clinical thermometer?

Q15. In places of hot climate, it is advised that the outer walls of houses should be painted white. Explain.

Q16. How is heat transferred in air? In which direction does the smoke go?

Q17. Write short notes on

(a) Sea breeze .                                          (b) Land breeze.

Q18. Praveen heated a beaker containing water. He took a few coloured paper pieces and added them in the water. He observed that the paper pieces started moving. Then, he heated a piece of iron, but did not observe any movement of iron particles. Why? Explain.

Q19. How does the heat flow?

Q20. Define conduction.

Q21. Explain the process of obtaining silk from the silk moth.

Q22.Explain the process involved in obtaining wool.

Q23. Write short notes on rearing silkworm.

Q24. What do you mean by reeling of silk?

Q25.Draw a sketch showing stages in life cycle of silk moth.

Q26.Write and explain the sequence of steps in processing of wool.

Q27. Define the following.

     a) Sericulture               b) Agriculture                     c) Horticulture                  d) Apiculture                                                            e) Floriculture                           f) Moriculture                     g) silviculture

Q28. Write short notes on a) Rearing       b) Shearing

Q29. Why does silk have different varieties?

Q30. What are the main hazards of wool industry?


                                             Reasoning & Aptitude Question

  1. Read the following information carefully and answer the question below it.
  1. Who is mother of Q?                           c) How many Children does P have?
  2. How is U related to S?
  1.  Bhawna leaves from her home. She first walks 30 metres in North-west direction and then 30 metres in South-west direction. Next, she walk 30 metres in South-east direction. Finally, she turns towards her house. In which direction is she moving?
  2.     The average age of three boys is 15 years. If their ages are in the ratio 3:5:7, find the age of youngest boy.
  3. John ranks twenty first in a class of fifty –one. What is his rank from the last?
  4. Evaluate:
  5. In a certain code QUESTION is written as NXBVQLLQ. How will REPLY be coded?
  6. If OATH IS coded in a certain language as TEYL, then how will WORD be coded?
  7. Divide 1162 Rs. among A,B,C in the ratio 35:28:20.
  8. The sum of three numbers is 264. If the first number be twice the second and third number be one-third of the first, then find the second number.
  9. Fill in the blanks:

First Chief Justice of India


First Indian Governor of the Reserve bank of India


First Chief Election Commissioner


First Deputy Prime Minister


First Man to Climb Mount Everest


First Woman IAS officer


First Woman Prime Minister


First speaker in Hindi at the United Nation


First Member of British Parliament